Find Your Craft: Episode 0, NoDa Brewing Company’s Sticky When Wet IPA

So I’ve been doing beer review videos for a year now; however, each of them has been related to a series–31 Days of Pumpkin, Beer Camp, the Guinness Project, the 12 Days of CRAFTmas, etc. I felt it was time to begin to compile, categorize, organize, etc. with a regular video show.

The Find Your Craft show will showcase all future beer reviews. I may do a special series here and there; however, each video will have a Find Your Craft episode number.

In honor of the new show, I decided to kick things off with NoDa Brewing Company’s Sticky When Wet, Wet-Hopped IPA. Now this is a very special IPA as the ‘wet’ hops are added to the brew within a day of hop harvest. As a result, the fresh and intricate flavors from the hops in this brew are phenomenal.

This beer was bursting with peach and grapefruit notes, courtesy of those hops, with a muted malt backbone and a very welcome bitterness. Cheers!

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