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Hello friends. I’m Josh, and I started because of my passion for beer.


In many ways, this is my story. I am craft beer advocate and enthusiast and a home-brewer, who once had aspirations of opening a brewery of my own. Though I can't say that is in the cards now, I still love craft beer, and I love to promote the industry that I am passionate about. 

Beer has always fascinated me–from its brewing, to its history, to its impact upon the market and community, to the way is brings people of all kinds and cultures together. No matter the situation…beer is an ever-changing phenomenon. I hope to explore some of that here at

Here you will find a variety of content which will highlight beer–facts and history, beer reviews, brewery highlights, etc. Just like beer, the possibilities are endless, and the journey will be amazing.

Come along…here’s to good times and great beer! Cheers!


"One of the great things about beer is that there is always something new to try and something more to learn..."

-Josh Heyward



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