• Josh

Birdsong Brewing Company's Rewind Lager

I've got a bonus video this week, featuring yet another Birdsong Brewing beer and style, and it is a great one!

Aside from having an epic can and artwork with the vintage colors and cassette tape, the Rewind Lager pays homage to lager style featuring classic color, crispness, and flavor. Golden in color with a notable white head, this lager beer is crisp, clean, and refreshing while offering an amazing white bread, crackery malt flavor, coupled with an excellent herbal hoppy bitterness. Those hops also add a pleasant bite mid-taste that lingers and beckons more sips.

I loved this beer and personally think its an amazing alternative to the Big Beer lagers on the market today. Who said classic can't be great?!?! Cheers to Birdsong on giving us the rewind! #BeerReview #Lager #BirdsongBrewing #FindYourCraft

DISCLAIMER: Beer is a wonderful thing, but it must be enjoyed responsibly. Please enjoy responsibly both for yourself and for those around you. Also, if you are under 21 years of age, thank you for stopping by. Feel free to learn from some of this content, but please wait until you are of legal age to enjoy beer.

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