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Boston Beer Company's New England IPA

So I stumbled across the New England IPA from Sam Adams the other day, and I just had to give it a try. The 'Haze Craze' is in full force, and it seems nearly every brewery is trying their hand at the New England / North Eastern Style IPA. Boston Beer Company is no different with their release of Sam Adams New England IPA.

I was somewhat skeptical at first, but I had to give it a try as it is one of the few NEIPAs that you can find in your local grocery store--at least where I am here in the southern United States.

All in all, it was not a bad beer. The brew looked and smelled just like a NEIPA, boasting a hazy golden color along with citrus and tropical hop aromas. Those aromas manifested in the same flavors, coupled with a slight grassiness post-taste. I can't say that the degree of hop flavor was as intense as one might get from an NEIPA at a local craft brewery, but for a NEIPA that I can pick up in the grocery store, it was definitely not bad.

Cheers to Sam Adams on a solid take on the NEIPA! #BeerReview #NEIPA #SamAdams #BostonBeerCompany #FindYourCraft

DISCLAIMER: Beer is a wonderful thing, but it must be enjoyed responsibly. Please enjoy responsibly both for yourself and for those around you. Also, if you are under 21 years of age, thank you for stopping by. Feel free to learn from some of this content, but please wait until you are of legal age to enjoy beer.

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