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NoDa Brewing's Good Will Hopping NEIPA

I'm very exited to feature the Good Will Hopping NEIP from NoDa Brewing today! I've yet to do a formal review on this one, but it is arguably my favorite NoDa Brewing beer!

Hazy golden in color with amazing aromatics manifesting in aromas of pine and citrus, this brew is everything you could want in a NEIPA. The beer was light, easy-drinking, and refreshing while providing a notable bitterness. NoDa featured Simcoe, Citra, CTZ, and Summit in this brew, and you definitely know it. The wide range of hop flavors here is incredible from pine and grass to citrus and grapefruit rind. I love how the hop flavors varied while being discernable and meshing so well together. As expected with a NEIPA, the beer was soft on the palate, courtesy of flaked oats and white wheat. This served to really wrap the beer up nicely and present it well.

Like I said, I'm a huge fan of this one--absolutely love it for its flavor and drinkability. Cheers to NoDa on another amazing brew! Also, shout out to Crosby Hop Farms and NC Beer Pride! #BeerReview #NEIPA #IPA #NoDaBrewing #FindYourCraft

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