• Josh

Southbound Brewing Company's Shakedown Street Saison

I'm excited to feature the first Southbound Brewing Company beer on the Find Your Craft Show with the Shakedown Street Saison!

This hazy, pale golden beer boasts aromas of yeast, spice, and white peppercorn. On the palate, there's just a subtle maltiness--think white break or lightly, lightly toasted bread--along with some floral hops. That taste rounded off with a spicy flavor which reminded me of clove and white peppercorns.

What I loved most about this brew was how approachable it was as far as Saison's go. There are a ton of Saison's on the market today, and many of them have a lot going on. That can often make it tough for new drinkers to fully appreciate the style. Shakedown Street quells that unrest by providing a very approachable saison beer which can be enjoyed by enthusiasts and new-drinkers alike. Cheers to Southbound on that! #BeerReview #Saison #SouthboundBrewing #FindYourCraft

DISCLAIMER: Beer is a wonderful thing, but it must be enjoyed responsibly. Please enjoy responsibly both for yourself and for those around you. Also, if you are under 21 years of age, thank you for stopping by. Feel free to learn from some of this content, but please wait until you are of legal age to enjoy beer.

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