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Southern Swells Brewing Company's These Strawberries Taste Like Strawberries IPA

These Strawberries Taste Like Strawberries IPA takes the award for most surprising beer I've had in a long time--quite possibly ever! From the can art, to the color, to the aroma, to the taste, I was completely surprised at each point. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Pouring a hazy straw color with a white head, this brew provided pleasant aromas of hops--mainly citrus and grassy notes. On the palate, this beer was a HUGE surprise. I was immediately hit with a sweetness reminiscent of strawberries. It was light and subtle but definitely there. I double-checked the can just to see if they really did use strawberries in the beer, and they did!

The beer presented a muted malt backbone, courtesy of the 2 Row malt used in the brew, combined with oats and white wheat which really softened the beer and provided an amazing platform. Mid-taste, the flavor of fresh strawberries surfaced yet again before a healthy dose of hops hit the palate. The bitterness and dryness from the hops combined so well with the sweetness of the strawberries. I have to say that the alternating journey of sweet and bitter/dryness from the strawberries and the hops, respectively, really made this beer amazing.

I was very impressed with this beer! It was very balanced and really takes the enjoyer on a journey--you really taste it all in this beer. Cheers to Southern Swells on a unique and tasty brew!


DISCLAIMER: Beer is a wonderful thing, but it must be enjoyed responsibly. Please enjoy responsibly both for yourself and for those around you. Also, if you are under 21 years of age, thank you for stopping by. Feel free to learn from some of this content, but please wait until you are of legal age to enjoy beer.

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